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        The main direction of artist's activity is paitnitng of canvases in a trans-realism style. An artist having a long-term experience is a brilliant representative of this trend. Regarding to the variety of styles and directions in the modern art, the interest to such modern, fully unexplored  direction of painting as trans-realism, has increased. This trend is relevant like no other, it corresponds to the modern develompment rate of humanity.

        In the last days in the art we are surrounded by lots of fantastic, not similar to the real commonness, weather its an art, documentary poetry, painting. Intuitively, subconsiously or during asleep we feel, hear a backlash of the another reality of a huge creation. In this moment a realization of the globality and scale of Universe's existence, its significance  occurs. What place is reserved for human being in this undiscoverable space? What is its purpose?

        Human on the period of its existence was questioned. Who am I? Why am I? In the modern world, which is developing by a tremendous rate, with extensive knowledge about many things, questions about the meaning of existence is becoming more relevant. And this knowledge remains as inconceivable for a human.

        Mission of an artist, his designation is to convey to us the knowledge of eternal, future, miracle through his gift given from the above. Artist transforms this knowledge through objects and subjects that are familiar to us in an everyday life, in an everyday reality, for an adequate perception of our mind.

        It is visible on the paintings that each object is encouraged, each object emits a feeling like a human - biofield. Objects and subjects do gain a Meaning of existence.

        Process of canvases creation is a meditation for an artist. This way he, renouncing from the world of commonness, from his "I", from "I" I of artist, through his personal suffers, gives a chance to see and feel, come closer and touch the miraculous Universe.

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